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Certification in Sports Nutrition (CSN)

Create Effective Food Plan for Athletes & General Population by Learning Various Techniques in Nutrition.


Overview of Certification in Sports Nutrition Course:

Nutrition is the backbone of any workout plan. In fact, one can lose excessive fat and feel strong by simply following a customised diet plan. Nutrition in Sports is a well-designed plan that allows active adults, bodybuilders and athletes to perform at their best. Many questions weigh on your mind for example:

  1. Is it important to not eat carbohydrates to lose weight?
  2. Is supplementation necessary to enhance performance of a sports person?
  3. Is ketogenic diet healthy and effective?
  4. Can eating extra protein build muscles?
  5. Is it true that eating several small meals in a day speed up losing fat?
  6. Are egg yolks bad for us?
  7. Is Coconut oil the healthiest oil?
  8. Does Fat-free yogurt contain heavy amount of sugar?
  9. Do we get high proteins in only non-vegetarian food products?
  10. Is different nutrition followed in variety of sports?

Nutrition is a broader term and a never-ending education. One has to keep on researching about different food products so that being a Sports Nutritionist in India you can recommend the right nutrition depending upon the history and assessment of an active individual, sedentary person or athletes.

Join Our Sports Nutrition Certification Course in Delhi program and become certified Nutritionist in India.

Sports Nutrition Course in Delhi Best Nutritionist Courses in India

Benefits of Sports Nutrition Course in Delhi:

If you obtain a Certification in Sports Nutrition from Fitness Cravers Academy, you will be referred to as an Educated person who has sufficient knowledge of Balanced nutrition, Body metabolism, Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Hydration and Electrolytes related to exercises. You gain an understanding of body’s energy system used during exercise or at rest along with Nutritional & performance Supplementation. Studying Ketogenic & Paleo Diet, macronutrients in common foods and beverages and preparation of diet as per the goals of the Client will definitely make you unique in the present market. Moreover, one gets opportunities to prescribe diet plan to many active sportspersons, athletes and bodybuilders.

Just like a paracetamol tablet is not suitable to all bodies and a doctor has to change the medicine if one’s body system is allergic to it, similarly a Sports Nutritionist has to prescribe the diet depending upon the suitability of the client’s body system. It has to be modified if so needed.

If you acquire knowledge of Nutrition along with exercise, it will provide your clients with maximum results. Exercise without a good nutrition is like swimming against the tide or running after a mirage in a desert meaning it will never let you reach your goal.

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Uniqueness of FCA Certification in Sports Nutrition (CSN) Program:

If you decide to be a part of Fitness Cravers Academy and Join our Certification in Sports Nutrition (CSN) program, you will have the following benefits:

  1. Life Time Access to the Theories in our Academy.
  2. Student Online Portal in Hindi & English.
  3. Study Material
  4. Theory Batch of not more than 20 Students in order to provide Quality Education and Revision.
  5. 16 Theories of 3 hours each.
  6. Flexible Fee Payment Options without any Interest.
  7. Free Updation Classes every 6 months in order to keep FCA student updated with Recent Advances in Food Industry.
  8. 100% Job Placement Assistance from FCA Placement Cell.

Syllabus of Certification in Sports Nutrition Course (CSN):

Theory Classes

  • Class 1- Introduction to Key terms related to Nutrition
  • Class 2- Macronutrients (Protein and Carbohydrate)
  • Class 3- Macronutrients dosages as per RDA rules
  • Class 4- Macronutrients (Fats)
  • Class 5- Macronutrients dosages as per RDA rules
  • Class 6- Micronutrients (Vitamins & Minerals)
  • Class 7- Recommended Dosages of micronutrients as per RDA.
  • Class 8- Nutritional & Performance Supplementation i.e. Whey Protein supplementation, BCAA, Glutamine, l-Citrulline and others
  • Class 9- Nutritional & Performance Supplementation continued
  • Class 10- Hydration and electrolytes
  • Class 11- Energy system used by the body at rest and during exercise.
  • Class 12- Training approach for fat loss & muscle gain program.
  • Class 13- Training approach for clients with metabolic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension etc.
  • Class 14- Preparation of Diet as per the goals of the Client
  • Class 15- Introduction to Ketogenic and Paleo diet.
  • Class 16- Tips on cooking various diet plans.
  • Class 17- Revision

Theory classes-                 17 for 3 hours each (51 hours in total)

(Monday to Thursday) – 10:30 am till 1:30 pm

– 2:00 pm till 5:00 pm

Theory classes-                 9 classes for 6 hours each (51 hours in total)

(Saturday & Sunday)  –  10:30 am till 5:00 pm ( [email protected] 1:30 pm till 2:00 pm)

Theory classes-                  9 classes for 6 hours each (42 hours in total)

10:30 am till 5:00 pm ([email protected] 1:30 pm till 2:00 pm)

Examination & Certification

  1. Online examination
  2. Marking of assignment submission and academic conduct
  1. Certification in Sports Nutrition by Fitness Cravers Academy
  2. Certification in Sports Nutrition by CPD-UK (Continuing Professional Development- United Kingdom)

Course Fee- INR 28000  (20000)

Career Opportunities with FCA Programs:


FCA aim at placing and has placed all of its students in different Sectors i.e.

  • Luxurious Hotels
  • Cruise Ships
  • Branded Gymnasiums
  • Wellness Centers
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Social and Government Organizations
  • Various Teaching Institutions including FCA as a Lecturer
  • Home Visits (on students’ request)


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Placement Assistance in Different Sectors:

FCA Academy has a dedicated placement cell providing placement assistance to all of its students. Once you become FCA Certified, it is our responsibility to keep a track on your career in relation to the jobs we can provide you with.

We have a Guaranteed service of providing jobs for at least a full year but FCA stays in touch with its Certified students even after a year in order to provide them with the placements just in case they are not working!

Salary Packages Overview:

Prove yourself Efficient and Watch out a Growth in your Salary Packages!

There are Sports Nutritionist working at a minimum salary of Rs.11,000/- to Rs 16,000/- per month but there is an addition of an income when you make home visits and keep a track of the clients health”.

Sports Nutritionist earn between Rs.50,000/- to Rs. 2,50,000 per month depending upon one’s passion for this industry.

Key to Salary Growth:

  • A Prior Experience or Additional Credentials can easily boost a higher pay.
  • The amount of Time and Dedication that you put into your profession plays an important role in the earnings.
  • Skills and Knowledge of your Profession lead to increment in salaries very Fast.
  • The Certification from a Recognised Institute will definitely help in increasing the income potential.


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Quick Details

10th Pass or min. 1 year of experience.
Weekend Batch: 1.5- 2 months
Weekday Batch: 1.5- 2 months


sample cert_page - Fca
After successful completion of the course, the students will get

(i)  Certification in Sports Nutrition by Fitness Cravers Academywhich is a Training Partner with Skill IndiaSports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Skills Council (SPEFL-SC). SPEFL-SC is an autonomous industry led body, promoted by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and FICCI.

(ii) Fitness Cravers Academy is also An Accredited Training Centre of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) .

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    Yes, CSN course is for everyone including the general population as it has become a personal need to know various sources of food products suitable to stay healthy.


    A general Nutritionist may counsel general population to eat healthy and to maintain their weight or gain muscle mass or lose fat in the safest manner by following a specific diet. They deal in the sector of public health, food science and food policy.

    Sports Nutrition specialist, on the other hand, will counsel general population as well as sports or active persons so as to design specific dietary plan to get the most out of someone’s training, exercise or sport. Developing a plan to help them reach the ideal body composition, maximizing the recovery, advising sports supplements for the performance edge are some examples of the services offered by a Sports Nutritionist.

    FCA is different in providing the following unique benefits to the students:

    • Life Time Access to the Theories and Practical sessions in our Academy.
    • Student Online Portal in Hindi & English.
    • Theory Batch of not more than 20 Students in order to provide Quality Education and Revision.
    • 9 Theories of 6 hours each or 17 theories of 3 hours each.
    • Revision Test after every class
    • Cooking tips
    • Free Updation Classes every 6 months in order to keep FCA student updated with Recent Advances in Fitness Industry.
    • Flexible Fee Payment Options without any Interest.
    • 100% Job Placement Assistance from FCA Placement Cell.

    Either a candidate should be SSC (10th) pass or have a minimum experience of 1 year in the relevant field.

    There must be at least one of the above criteria fulfilled to enroll to join FCA Courses. By any chance if a student fails to fulfill the above eligibility criteria for enrollment, FCA will not give admission to such a candidate.

    Yes, there are 2 separate classes on cooking tips to make you more confident.

    Why Not? That is why FCA is committed to provide you with the maximum knowledge so that you can efficiently teach Nutrition subject if one wants to pursue career in Lectureship.

    Providing knowledge on Steroids is unethical. FCA will be preparing its students with the basic knowledge of supplementation and performance enhancing food supplements in the Certified Sports Nutritionist course.

    Yes, FCA has a dedicated Student Online Portal specially designed for the students who cannot travel & wants to pursue Sports Nutrition course through Correspondence.

    About Fitness Cravers Academy


    Fitness Cravers Academy (under Fitness Cravers) or FCA was founded in 2017 with the foremost aim to certify and educate people who want to enjoy a Career in “Health & Fitness Industry” or seeking knowledge for personal benefits. FCA with its headquarter in Saket, Delhi has aimed to provide an immense experience to its students with the complete theory as well as practical understanding of the exercises and other techniques which in turn will create a confidence within an individual!


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    I have a strong bond with FCA as they guide me with the job and difficulties if I face any. That is the specialty of it!



    Whatever good can be said about this academy will be less! It is my family who is supporting me with the job, knowledge and great experiences of life!



    Hindi aur English mein har topic samjhaake mere liye CPT bahot aasaan kar diya gaya! Books dono languages mein available hain. Ye sabse achi baat hai FCA ki!



    I have always been full of questions. But Teachers here never hesitated solving my queries.That is the best part!



    I would suggest everyone to go for Combo package because it is not expensive. I learnt Nutrition, Personal Training and Life saving techniques which are compulsory in Fitness field!



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    Advantages of FCA


    Flexible Fee Payment Options without any Interest.


    100% Job Placement Assistance


    150+ Hours of Content


    Life Time Access


    34 theories & 24 Practical Sessions


    Theory batch of 20 students & Practical batch of 5 students


    Free Updation Classes every 6 months


    Student Online Portal in Hindi & English.


    Personality development- Good communication skills


    Free FCA Accessories

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